Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig (ed.): Cultural Change in the Prehistory of Arid Africa [PDF]


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Perspectives of Archaeology and Linguistics

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230 pp.
20 maps, 1 photo, 15 figures and overviews, 1 diagram, 5 tables

Text language: English



Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst / Birgit Keding:
Meat or Milk? Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence for the Peridynastic Use of Cattle in the Eastern Sahara

Gerrit J. Dimmendaal:
Eastern Sudanic and the Wadi Howar and Wadi el Milk Diaspora

Wilfrid H.G. Haacke:
Linguistic Hypotheses on the Origin of Namibian Khoekhoe Speakers

Friederike Jesse / Reinhard Klein-Arendt:
Putting together Archaeology and Historical Linguistics – The Case of Pottery

Eileen Kose / Jürgen Richter:
The Prehistory of the Kavango People

Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig:
Linguistic Evidence of Cultural Change – The Case of the Rumanyo Speaking People in Northern Namibia

Gerda Rossel:
The study of Ensete Crop History

Rainer Vossen:
Languages of the Desert … and what they can tell us about the Economic History of Southern Africa

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