Möhlig / Bubenzer / Menz (eds.): Towards Interdisciplinarity – Experiences of the Long-term ACACIA Project [PDF]


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TIAS Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 16

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XII, 241 pp.
14 colour maps, 6 b/w maps, 6 aerial/satellite pictures, 3 colour screenshots, 14 b/w photos, 7 colour graphs, 11 b/w graphs, 12 drawings, 8 tables, numerous charts, index

Text language: English


Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig: Towards Interdisciplinarity – An Introduction Based on Experiences of the Long-term Project ACACIA

Part I Case Studies Following the Accumulation Strategy
Olaf Bubenzer / Helga Besler: Sands as Archives of Environmental Change – Examples from Egypt, Sudan and Namibia
Frank Förster / Heiko Riemer / Andreas Bolten / Olaf Bubenzer / Stan Hendrickx / Frank Darius: Tracing Linear Structures – Remote Sensing, Landscape Classification and the Archaeology of Desert Roads in the Eastern Sahara

Part II Case Studies Following the Discourse Strategy
Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig / Frank Seidel / Marc Seifert: The Interdisciplinary Dimension of Linguis­tic Historiography
Friederike Jesse / Reinhard Klein-Arendt: Putting Together Archaeology and Historical Linguistics – The Case of Pottery
Eileen Kose / Marc Seifert: The History of Iron Working at the Central Kavango – An Attempt at Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Part III Case Studies Following the Amalgamation Strategy
Andreas Bolten / Ute Dieckmann: The Use of GIS for Analysing and Visualizing Historical Socio-economic and Ecological Farm Data in the Outjo District/Namibia
Gunter Menz / Jochen Richters: Biomass Production in NW-Namibia – A Remote Sensing Modelling Approach
Julia Pauli: Demographic and Anthropological Perspectives on Marriage and Reproduction in Namibia

Under these links you will find studies of the conceptualization of nature and environment in African languages and cultures and reconstructions of African languages and languages families:

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