Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig / Olaf Bubenzer / Gunter Menz (eds.): Towards Interdisciplinarity [PDF]


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Experiences of the Long-term ACACIA Project

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12 pp. Roman, 241 pp.
14 colour maps, 6 b/w maps, 6 aerial/satellite pictures, 3 colour screenshots, 14 b/w photos, 7 colour graphs, 11 b/w graphs, 12 drawings, 8 tables, numerous charts, index

Text language: English


Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig:
Towards Interdisciplinarity – An Introduction Based on Experiences of the Long-term Project ACACIA

Part I Case Studies Following the Accumulation Strategy

Olaf Bubenzer / Helga Besler:
Sands as Archives of Environmental Change – Examples from Egypt, Sudan and Namibia

Frank Förster / Heiko Riemer / Andreas Bolten / Olaf Bubenzer / Stan Hendrickx / Frank Darius:
Tracing Linear Structures – Remote Sensing, Landscape Classification and the Archaeology of Desert Roads in the Eastern Sahara

Part II Case Studies Following the Discourse Strategy

Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig / Frank Seidel / Marc Seifert:
The Interdisciplinary Dimension of Linguis­tic Historiography

Friederike Jesse / Reinhard Klein-Arendt:
Putting Together Archaeology and Historical Linguistics – The Case of Pottery

Eileen Kose / Marc Seifert:
The History of Iron Working at the Central Kavango – An Attempt at Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Part III Case Studies Following the Amalgamation Strategy

Andreas Bolten / Ute Dieckmann:
The Use of GIS for Analysing and Visualizing Historical Socio-economic and Ecological Farm Data in the Outjo District/Namibia

Gunter Menz / Jochen Richters:
Biomass Production in NW-Namibia – A Remote Sensing Modelling Approach

Julia Pauli:
Demographic and Anthropological Perspectives on Marriage and Reproduction in Namibia