A. Akinlabi / O. Adesola (eds.): Proceedings of the 4th WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics, New Brunswick 2003 [PDF]


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Ben Elugbe / Tayo Bankale: Cognation Percentages in Benue-Congo – Implications for Internal Classification

Larry Hyman: Why Describe African Languages?

H. Ekkehard Wolff: Segments and Prosodies in Chadic – On Descriptive and Explanatory Adequacy, Historical Reconstructions, and the Status of Lamang-Hdi


Oluseye Adesola: Coda Deletion in the Yoruba Loan Phonology

Akinbiyi Akinlabi / Alexander Iwara: Transparency and Opacity in Lokaa Vowel Harmony

Michael Cahill: Marked Tones and Texture – The Necessity of High Tones in Konni

Bruce Connell: Pitch Realization of Questions and Statements in Mambila

Yoshihito Dobashi: Phonological Phrasing in Sandawe

Laura J. Downing: Constraint and Complexity in Subsegmental Representations

Alexander Iwara: The Grammatical Function of Tone on Lokaa


Rose O. Aziza: Negation in Southwestern Edoid – The Case of Urhobo

Christa Beaudoin-Lietz / Derek Nurse / Sarah Rose: Pronominal Object Marking in Bantu

Stefan Elders: Distributed Predicative Syntax in Doyayo – Constituent Order Alternations and Cliticization

Zygmunt Frajzyngier / Mohammed Munkaila: Point of View of the Subject as a Grammatical Category

Jason Kandybowicz: Predicate Clefts, Derivations, and Universal Grammar

Roland Kießling: “The giraffes burst throw emerge climb pass through the roof of the hut.” Verbal Serialisation in the West Ring Languages (Isu, Weh, Aghem)

Zelealem Leyew: The Cardinal Numerals of Nilo-Saharan Languages

Michael R. Marlo: Prefixal Reduplication in Lusaamia – Evidence from Morphology

Philip W. Rudd: “Haya, Basi” – “Okay so” Markers of Management and Interaction in Swahili Conversation

Josephat M. Rugemalira: Locative Arguments in Bantu

Ken Safir: On Person as a Model for Logophoricity

Ronald P. Schaefer / Francis O. Egbokhare: Emai Contact Constructions – Beyond Verbs in Series

Helga Schröder: The Relevance of Verbal Morphology in Toposa Discourse

Anne Storch: Traces of a Secret Language – Circumfixes in Hone (Jukun) Plurals

Weldu Michael Weldyesus: Locative Predication in Tigrinya


Tunde Adegbola: Probabilistically Speaking – A Quantitative Exploration of Yorùbá Speech Surrogacy

Rachélle Gauton / Gilles-Maurice de Schryver / Linkie Mohlala: A Corpus-based Investigation of the Zulu Nominal Suffix -kazi – A Preliminary Study

Wanjiku Nganga: Automatic Word Sense Disambiguation – Kiswahili Nouns


Koen Bostoen: The Vocabulary of Pottery Fashioning Techniques in Great Lakes Bantu – A Comparative Onomasiological Study

Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche: Reconstruction of Initial Velar and Labial-Velar Consonants at the Pre-Lower Cross-Igboid-Yoruboid-Edoid Stage of Benue-Congo

Henry Tourneux: Évolution morphologique et syntaxique du parler des jeunes Kotoko de Goulfe (Cameroun)

Kay Williamson: Implosives in Mande-Atlantic-Congo


Bertrade B. Ngo-Ngijol Banoum: Bantu Gender Revisited through an Analysis of Basaá Categories – A Typological Perspective

Herman M. Batibo: The Role of the External Setting in Language Shift Process – The Case of the Nama-Speaking Ovaherero in Tshabong

Paul D. Fallon: The Best is Not Good Enough – Scouring a Previously Documented Language for More

Aurélia Ferrari: Le sheng – Expansion et vernacularisation d’une variété urbaine hybride à Nairobi

Hélène Fatima Idris: The Status and Use of African Languages versus Arabic in Sudan – A Sociolinguistic Survey in Nyala, Darfur

H.R.T. Muzale: Developing a Language in a Complex Situation – Prospects and Challenges of Tanzanian Sign Language

Francis O. Oyebade / T.O. Agoyi: The Endangered Status of Marginalised Languages – Sosan and Ùkuè as Case Study

Solomon Oluwole Oyetade: Language Endangerment in Nigeria – Perspectives with the Akpes Cluster of Akoko Languages

Margarida Maria Taddoni Petter: Contact de langues au Brésil – Les langues africaines et le portugais brésilien

Eno-Abasi E. Urua: Language Marginalization – The Lower Cross Experience

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