Derek Nurse (ed.): Historical Language Contact in Africa [PDF]


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16 Karten, 21 Tabellen, 15 Abbildungen, 3 Diagramme, zahlreiche Wortlisten

Textsprache: Englisch


Herman M. Batibo / Franz Rottland:
The Adoption of Datooga Loanwords in Sukuma and its Historical Implications

Bruce Connell:
The Role of Language Contact in the Development of Usaghade

Gerrit J. Dimmendaal:
Language Shift and Morphological Convergence in the Nilotic Area

Christopher Ehret:
The Establishment of Iron-Working in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa – Linguistic Inferences on Technological History

André Mwamba Kapanga:
A Socio-Historical Linguistic Approach to the Study of Shaba Swahili – Recreating the Parent Language

Roland Kießling:
The Integration of Bantu Loans into Burunge (Southern Cushitic)

Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer:
Jalaa – an Almost Forgotten Language of Northeastern Nigeria. A Language Isolate?

Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu:
The “Mande Loan Element in Twi” Revisited

Maarten Mous:
Ma’a as an Ethno-Register of Mbugu

Deo S. Ngonyani:
The Evolution of Tanzanian Ngoni

Nina Pawlak:
Diachronic Typology of Locative Phrases in Chadic

Russell G. Schuh:
Shira, Teshena, Auyo – Hausa’s (Former) Eastern Neighbors

Anthony Traill:
Structural Typology and Remote Relationships between Zhu and !Xóõ

Benji Wald:
Substratal and Superstratal Influences on the Evolution of Swahili Syntax – Central East Coast Bantu and Arabic

H. Ekkehard Wolff / Ousseina Alidou:
On the Non-Linear Ancestry of Tasawaq (Niger), or: How “Mixed” Can a Language Be?

Christopher Wrigley:
Frontier Linguistics in Uganda