Eva Rothmaler (ed.): Topics in Chadic Linguistics V, Bayreuth 2007 [PDF]


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Papers from the 4th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages, Bayreuth, October 30–31, 2007

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Sean Allison:
Derivation of the PAM System of Makary Kotoko

Heike Andreas / Rudolf Leger / Ulrike Zoch:
The Nyam Language – First Steps toward a Grammatical Description

Ari Awagana / Doris Löhr:
Loanwords in Hausa – Results from the Loanword Typology Project

Gian Claudio Batic:
Imaginative Dimension and Experiential Constructions in Hausa and Bole

Václav Blažek:
All Chadic Lakes

Roger Blench / Antony Ndamsai:
An Introduction to Kirya-Konzel, a Central Chadic Language of Eastern Nigeria

Dymitr Ibriszimow / Victor Porkohomovsky / Valery Sheshin:
AAKTS Database and KinShIP Computer Programme for Processing Afroasiatic Kinship Terms and Systems

Dymitr Ibriszimow / Balarabe Zulyadaini:
I Think what You Think – An Evaluation of L1 and L2 Hausa Cognitive Structures

Baba Mai Bello:
Hausa Language and the Perception of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Joy Naomi Philip:
Tone on Lagwan Verbs – The Conflict between Perceptual Prominence and Lexical Contrast

James S. Roberts:
Palatalization and Labialization in Mawa (Eastern Chadic)

Olga Stolbova:
Plurality in Chadic – Some Active and Frozen Models

Henry Tourneux / Adam Mahamat:
Les marqueurs relatifs dans les langues dites « kotoko »

H. Ekkehard Wolff:
Another Look at “Internal a” in Chadic

Georg Ziegelmeyer:
Between Hausa and Kanuri – On the Linguistic Influence of Hausa and Kanuri on Bade and Ngizim

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