Gertrud Schneider-Blum / Birgit Hellwig / Gerrit J. Dimmendaal (eds.): Nuba Mountain Language Studies [PDF]


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XIV, 489 Seiten
9 Farbkarten, 1 s/w-Karte, 15 Farbfotos, 1 farbige Zeichnung, 18 farbige Abbildungen, zahlreiche Tabellen, Übersichten und Grafiken

Textsprache: Englisch

The first Nuba Mountain Languages Conference took place at Leiden University, the Netherlands, in 2012; the proceedings of this meeting were published as Schadeberg & Blench (2013). The second conference took place at INALCO, Paris, August 27-30, 2014. The current volume constitutes a selection of presentations from the Third Nuba Mountain Languages Conference at the University of Cologne, September 27-29, 2017. In addition, a number of contributions on languages in this area are included which could not be presented at this conference for various reasons.


Gerrit J. Dimmendaal: Introduction



Darryl Turner: Prepositions and pronominal case in Katcha

Nilo-Saharan: Nubian

Waleed Alshareef: Genitive constructions in Abu Jinuk

Katherine Walker: Nominal number in Tabaq

Lena Pointner: Verbal number in Tabaq

Angelika Jakobi / Ali Ibrahim: Labile verbs in Tagle (Kordofan Nubian)

Niger-Congo: Rashad

Abeer Bashir: Noun class genders in Tagoi

Maha Abdu Aldawi Abdalla / Sawsan Abdel Aziz Mohammed Nashid: An initial sketch of the Tagom noun phrase

Niger-Congo: Heiban

Nicolas Quint / Siddig Ali Karmal Koko: Koalib ideophones – A first overview of their main characteristics

Niger-Congo: Katloid

Birgit Hellwig: Verbal derivation in Katla – The comitative

Nataliya Veit: The verbal derivational morpheme -aa in Tima

Ulrike Nüsslein: Number marking in Julut

Gertrud Schneider-Blum: Constituent focus and selective marking in Tima

Niger-Congo: Talodi

Heleen Smits: Negation in Lumun

John Vanderelst / Ibrahim Kannu: Phonological rules and orthography development – A case study


Russell Norton: Classifying the non-Eastern-Sudanic Nuba Mountain languages – Evidence from pronoun categories and lexicostatistics

Roger Blench: Do Heiban and Talodi form a genetic group and how are they related to Niger-Congo?

Gerrit J. Dimmendaal: Reconstructing Katloid and deconstructing Kordofanian

Sharon Rose: The typology of vowel harmony in Nuba Mountain Languages

Thilo C. Schadeberg: Core Kordofanian