Wolff / Gensler (eds.): Proceedings of the 2nd WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics, Leipzig 1997 [PDF]


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Textsprachen: Englisch, Französisch


Editors’ Note

Mohamed H. Abdulaziz: Some Issues of Concern in the Linguistics of African Languages
Ayo Bamgbose: African Language Use and Development – Aspirations and Reality
Paul Newman: Writing a Reference Grammar of an African Language – Conceptual and Methodological Issues
Kay Williamson: Towards Reconstructing Proto-Niger-Congo

Steve Barrett / Eugene H. Casad: What they say and what they do
Nikolai Dobronravin: Hausa, Songhay and Mande Languages in Nigeria – Multilingualism in Kebbi and Sokoto
Okon Essien: What is in a Name? A Linguistic and Cultural Explication of Ibibio Personal Names
Philip A. Noss: “Language of the Streets” and Editorial Commentary in Cameroon
Lolke Van der Veen: Étude de la dénomination des troubles pathologiques en Afrique centrale bantoue

Roger Blench: Revising Plateau – Recent Research on the Languages of Central Nigeria
France Cloarec-Heiss: Mesures dialectales en 3 dimensions – application à une aire dialectale hétérogène, l’aire banda
Bruce Connell: The Integrity of Mambiloid
Djita Issa Djarangar: Essai de classification des langues sara
Edgar E. Gregersen: Some Thoughts on Afro-Dravidian
B. Akíntúndé Oyètádé/ Malami Buba: Hausa Loan Words in Yorùbá
Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle: Situation linguistique dans le sud de l’Erythrée

Akinbiyi Akinlabi / Eno Urua: Tone in Ibibio Verbal Reduplication
Yiwola Awoyale: The Phonological Structure of Yoruba Ideophones
Denis Creissels: A Domain-Based Approach to Setswana Tone
Catherine Labroussi: Spirant-Devoicing and Genetic Classification in Eastern Bantu
Robert Nicolaï: Voyelles nasales ou consonnes aspirées nasales en songhay (approche de la marginalité)
Knut J. Olawsky: Tone Patterns and Morphology in Dagbani – The Prosodic Structure of Nouns
Kenneth S. Olson / Brian E. Schrag: An Overview of Mono Phonology
John R. Watters: Tone in Western Ejagham (Etung) – The Case of Lexical and Postlexical Tone on Nouns

Mahaman Bachir Attouman: L’opposition occurrence ouverte / occurrence fermée à travers le système aspectuel du hawsa
Jasmina Bonato: Surprise! Surprise! How the Future Tense is Used to Mark Dramatisation in Twi (Akan) Narrative Discourse
Sonja E. Bosch: On the Conceptualization of Possession in Zulu
Malami Buba: On the Deictic Features of Speaker-Based Hausa Demonstratives
Michael J.C. Echeruo: The Igbo Verb and the Lexicon
Rachélle Gauton: Locative Noun Classes in Bantu – The Case for Recognizing Two Additional Locative Noun Class Prefixes
Peter Gottschligg: Subject Choice of Applicative Verbs in North-Atlantic
Gerald Heusing: Defective Double Object Constructions in Lamang (Central Chadic)
John P. Hutchison: Predicate Focusing Constructions in African and Diaspora Languages
Peter Kalchofner: Stative Verbs in Twi (Akan)
Roland Kießling: Verb Classes in Nilotic – Evidence from Datooga (Southern Nilotic)
Adrian Koopmann: Morphological Interference in Bantu Adoptives
Andrew Tilimbe Kulemeka: The Ideophone Predicate – A Case of Verbless Sentences in Chichewa
Roger Mickala-Manfoumbi: Les nom complexes en punu (B43)
Kamal Naït-Zerrad: Auxiliaires temporels en berbère
Steve Nicolle: The Swahili Object Marker – Syntax, Semantics and Mythology
B. Akíntúndé Oyètádé: The Verb ‘go’ in Àkókó Yorùbá
Paulette Roulon-Doko: La polysémie du terme nὲ en gbaya ’bodoe (langue oubanguienne de Centrafrique)
Ronald P. Schaefer / Francis Ekbokhare: Emai Preverb Order
Henry Tourneux: La formation du pluriel en kotoko
Sr. Uwalaka: Parasitic Gaps Revisited
Martine Vanhove: Notes sur les verbes statifs en afar de Tadjoura (Djibouti)

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