Heinrich Thiemeyer / Gisela Seidensticker-Brikay / Kyari Tijani (eds.): Environmental and Cultural Dynamics in the West African Savanna [PDF]


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Proceedings of the International Conference, Maiduguri, 4-8 March 2002

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Introductory Papers

Kyari Tijani: Defining the state border in the lacustrine area of the Chad Basin

Herrmann Jungraithmayr / Rudolf Leger: Northeastern Nigeria – A unique linguistic laboratory

I Prehistory in the Chad Basin

Detlef Gronenborn: Historical archaeology in the Chad Basin – Past achievements and future prospects

Musa Oluwaseyi Hambolu: New data and insights into the Late Stone Age colonization of the southwest Chad Basin after the desiccation of the Sahara

Birgitt Wiesmüller: Late Stone Age and Iron Age settlement mounds in the firki clay plains south of Lake Chad

Bienvenu Denis Nizésété: Ancient metallurgy in north Cameroon: Technication rationalities – social context – magical and religious practices in iron production: A case study of Dii people in Adamaoua Province

II The Chad Basin as Human Meeting Point in History

Kyari Mohammed: Man and environment in Bornu – A historical account

Ibrahim Maina Waziri: Towards the dating of a migratory pattern in the Chad Basin – A case study of the Bolewa Fikka migration

Saliba B. James: Migration and culture contact in the Gongola Basin

Yakubu Mukhtar / Alhaji Umar Bako: The impact of environmental variables on the trade in hides and skins in colonial Borno (ca. 1902-1960)

Jörg Adelberger: The colonial subjugation of the Muri Mountains and adjacent regions in northern Nigeria – A preliminary account

III Environmental Dynamics and Language

Umara Bulakarima: From the legendary Sau – The existence of Chadic traits among the Kanuri

Eldridge Mohammadou: Jarawan Bantu expansion from the eastern upper Benue Basin, ca. 1700-1750

Ahmed Tela Baba: The variety of West Hausa in the multilingual environment of Gashua

IV Society and Politics in the Chad Basin

Bärbel Freyer: Attempts at community formation – The Igbo at Lake Chad

Martin Zachary Njeuma: The Lake Chad Basin Commission in West and Central African political culture

V Cultural Dynamism, Language, Literature

Thomas Geider: Kanuri oral literature and its regional and world literary interconnectedness in cultural-historical perspective

VI Environmental Changes, Water and Landmass

Heinrich Thiemeyer / Maren Gumnior: Holocene fluvial dynamics and sediment sequences of the Komadugu Yobe and Gana river system, NE Nigeria

Jacob K. Nyanganji: The morphology of the Ngadda Basin in Borno State, NE Nigeria

Abba Kagu / Yagana Muhammad Aji: Effects of Alao Dam on some socio-economic activities of women in Jere Bowl (downstream of River Ngadda), NE Nigeria

VII Climatic Change, Dynamics of Land Use and Agricultural Adaptation

Anselme Wakponou: Physical conditions and socio-economic and cultural mutation in the Chad plain in extreme north Cameroon

Michel Tchotsoua / Iya Moussa: Indicators of the Adamaoua Plateau (Cameroon) landscape dynamics

W. Paul Adderley / Holger Kirscht / Ian A. Simpson / Mohammed Adam: Agrarian resource use by Kanuri and Shuwa Arab peoples in the Kala-Balge region, NE Nigeria – Perspectives of traditional field system management

VIII The Nigerian Savanna: Gombe and Adamaoua

Werner Fricke: The Nigerian savanna: Gombe and Adamaoua – Signs of an unbalanced development

Heiko Balzerek: Achievements and problems in the evolution of urban centres in the Nigerian savanna – Case study of Gombe

Gilbert Malchau: From world market back to internal markets – Dynamics of agriculture in the hinterland of Gombe and rural areas in southern Nigeria