Brenzinger / Fehn (eds.): Proc. of the 6th WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics, Cologne 2009 [PDF]


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Textsprachen: Englisch, Französisch


Editors’ note
Matthias Brenzinger: WOCAL – World Congress of African Linguistics

Neville Alexander: African languages for Africa’s development
Gratien G. Atindogbé: The challenges of documentary linguistics in the field of “Afrikanistik”
Sam Lutalo-Kiingi: The importance of Deaf involvement in African Sign Language research
Margarida Maria Taddoni Petter: African languages in Latin America
James G. Bennett: Language and poverty in Africa – Do language policies help or hinder poverty reduction?
G. Tucker Childs: How to pretend you speak a dying language when you don’t really know how to speak it – Methodological worries in documenting dying languages
Zygmunt Frajzyngier: Coding relations between the verb and noun phrases in Afroasiatic – A sketch of typological explanations
Salikoko S. Mufwene: What Africa can contribute to understanding language vitality, endangerment, and loss
Abdel Rahim Hamid Mugaddam: Aspects of youth language in Khartoum
H. Ekkehard Wolff: Sociolinguistics in the African context — History – challenges – prospects

Rose-Juliet Anyanwu: On the strategic partnership of verbs – Serial verbs in Niger-Congo languages
Koen Bostoen / Bonny Sands: Clicks in south-western Bantu languages – Contact-induced vs. language internal lexical change
Alexander Cobbinah / Friederike Lüpke: Not cut to fit – zero coded passives in African languages
Bruce Connell / William Bennett / Inoma Essien / Ebitare Obikudo / Akin Akinlabi / Ozo-mekuri Ndimele: Defaka and Ịjọ – A reassessment of the Ijoid relationship
Oliver Kröger: Typology put to practical use – A participatory approach to initial grammar research
Russell Norton: Non-concatenative morphology in Dinka and Arabic – Augmentation and replacement
Helga Schröder: Incorporated subject pronouns in word order typology

Adelino Amargira: The function of tone in the Tennet language
Herman M. Batibo: Can tone shift be regarded as tone depression in Shisukuma?
Ibrahima A.H. Cissé / Nathalie Vallée: Fulfulde and Bambara syllables in typological and universal perspectives – Interactions between tautosyllabic segments and the effects of consonants
Daniel Duke / Marieke Martin: Introducing Kwasio pharyngealized vowels
Yamina El Kirat El Allame: A diachronic and comparative analysis of spirantization in Amazigh – The case of the Beni Iznassen variety
Martial Embanga Aborobongui / Annie Rialland / Jean-Marc Beltzung: Tones and intonation in Boundji Embósí (C25)
Richard Gravina: Vowels, consonants and prosody in two Central Chadic languages
Osamu Hieda: Consonantal system of Datooga (Bajuuta dialect)
Andreas Joswig: The vowels of Majang
Heidrun Kröger: Nasal assimilation in Mozambican Ngoni
Christiane Lauschitzky: Nasality in Bozo Jemaana
Seunghun J. Lee: The spreading, blocking, and optimization of H tones – Depressor consonants in Dagara
Coffi Sambiéni: Du statut phonologique du schwa en biali, langue gur orientale, Bénin
John R. Watters: Tone in western Ejagham (Etung) – Lexical tone on the “minimal” verb forms

Ogbonna Anyanwu: The Ibibio locative copular constructions
Samuel A. Atintono: The basic locative construction in Gurene
Wolfgang Berndt: A cognitive approach to the functions of the particle me in Joola-Banjal
Thomas Blecke: The grammar of action nominals in Tigemaxo (Bozo)
Olivier Bondéelle: Alternations of emotion verb-noun roots in Wolof – Analogy between verbs and nouns
Nadine Borchardt: Agreement in Ikaan compound numerals
Ines Fiedler: Predicate-centered focus in Gbe
Christopher R. Green: Paradigm uniformity in Luwanga derived nouns
Roland Kießling / Britta Neumann / Doreen Schröter: “What can I offer my child?” – How to impose on others in Isu (Grassfields Bantu)
Nancy C. Kula: Nominal compounding and associative phrases in Bemba
Lutz Marten: Agreement in locative phrases in Luganda
Dame Ndao: Dérivation and réduplication en pepel
Ayu’nwi N. Neba: The realization of tense/aspect tones in Bafut
Lukas Neukom: The suffix -ɗo in Kenga – Ventive and past, one or two functions?
Peter Nichols: Persistive and alterative – dual-time aspects in siSwati
Helma Pasch: From anaphoric pronoun to copula in Zande
Tristan Michael Purvis: Left Dislocation in Dagbani – A preliminary survey
Gertrud Schneider-Blum: Don’t waste words – perspectives on the Tima lexicon
Mauro Tosco: The grammar of space of Gawwada
Rebecca Voll: Tense variation in the tense system of Mundabli, Western Beboid (Bantoid, Cameroon)
Beatrix von Heyking: The functioning of personal pronouns in Belanda Boor

Carole de Féral: Urban practices and new identities – Pidgin and Francanglais in Cameroon
Maik Gibson: Language shift in Nairobi
Andrew Haruna: Language shift in Northern Nigeria – The precarious situation of the minority languages
Marie-Laure Bonson Kozi / Mimboabe Bakpa: Contribution à la situation sociolinguistique anufo-gangam
Adjaratou Oumar Sall: Documentation et revitalisation du bédik – Expériences de terrain et premiers resultats
Gabriele Sommer: The concept of style/register shifting in multilingual African contexts
Klaus Wedekind: Sociolinguistic developments affecting Beja dialects
Rezenet Moges: Dichotomy of the Deaf community in Eritrea
James Roberts: Goundo, a dying language of Chad
Solomija Buk / Andrij Rovenchak: Corpus of texts in indigenous African scripts

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