Anthony Traill / Rainer Vossen / Megan Biesele (eds.): The Complete Linguist – Papers in Memory of Patrick J. Dickens[PDF]


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Papers in Memory of Patrick J. Dickens

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Textsprache(n): Englisch

Megan Biesele:
Patrick John Dickens — 1953–1992


H. Russell Bernard / George Ngong Mbeh / W. Penn Handwerker:
The Tone Problem

Megan Biesele:
Patrick Dickens’s Ju|’hoan Linguistics Work – Educational and Political Implications

Melissa Heckler:
The Whole Village Classroom – a Portrait of a Linguist and a People


Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig:
The Architecture of Bantu Narratives – an Interdisciplinary Matter Analysis of a Dciriku Text

Sigrid Schmidt:
Representatives of Evil in Khoisan Folktales


Richard Bailey:
Issues in the Phonology and Orthography of Chopi (ciCopi S 61)

Toni Borowsky:
Hausa Plurals and Optimality

G. Tucker Childs:
Tone and Accent in Atlantic

Robert K. Herbert:
Prenasalized Consonants and Dahl’s Law – Questions of Representation and Subclass

J.A. Louw:
Xhosa Tone


J.S.M. Khumalo:
CV Templates in Zulu Morphology – a Multilinear Approach

Andrew van der Spuy:
Morphological Case-Marking in Zulu

Susan M. Suzman:
The Discourse Origin of Agreement in Zulu


Wilfrid H.G. Haacke:
Instances of Incorporation and Compounding in Khoekhoegowab (Nama/Damara)

Mark Sebba:
Some Remarks on Ju|’hoan Serial Verbs

Thomas Widlok:
The “Irrealis” at Work in Hai||om


Sabine Neumann:
Static Spatial Relations in SheNgologa (SheKgalagadi)


Tore Janson:
The Status, History and Future of Sekgalagadi

Gabriele Sommer / Rainer Vossen:
Linguistic Variation in Siyeyi


Mary C. Bill:
Berthoud’s Leçons de Sigwamba (1883) – the First Tsonga Grammar

Anthony Traill:
Interpreting |Xam Phonology: the Need for Typological Cleansing