P.J. Jaggar / H.E. Wolff (eds.): Chadic and Hausa Linguistics – Selected Papers of P. Newman with Commentaries [PDF]


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AFO Afrikanistische Forschungen Band XII

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Textsprache: Englisch


Syllable weight as a phonological variable (1972); Syllable weight and tone (1981)
commentary by Larry M. Hyman

Grades, vowel-tone classes and extensions in the Hausa verbal system (1973)
commentary by Graham Furniss

Proto-Chadic verb classes (1975)
commentary by Petr Zima

The origin of Hausa /h/ (1976)
commentary by Roxana Ma Newman

The formation of the imperfective verb stem in Chadic (1977)
commentary by Victor Porkhomovsky

Chadic extensions and pre-dative verb forms in Hausa (1977)
commentary by Philip J. Jaggar

Explaining Hausa feminines (1979)
commentary by Russell G. Schuh

The Classification of Chadic within Afroasiatic (1980)
commentary by H. Ekkehard Wolff

The historical development of medial /ee/ and /oo/ in Hausa (1979), Internal evidence for final vowel lowering in Hausa (1990)
commentary by Henry Tourneux

Grammatical restructuring in Hausa – indirect objects and possessives (1982)
commentary by Zygmunt Frajzyngier

The efferential (alias “causative”) in Hausa (1983)
commentary by Nina Pawlak

Tone and affixation in Hausa (1986)
commentary by William R. Leben

Historical decay and growth in the Hausa lexicon (1991)
commentary by Mustapha Ahmad

Facts count – an empiricist looks at indirect objects in Hausa (1991)
commentary by Bernard Caron

Bibliography of Paul Newman from 1964 onwards

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