P.W. Akumbu / E.P. Chie (eds.): Engagement with Africa – Linguistic Essays in Honor of Ngessimo M. Mutaka [PDF]


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XVIII, 470 Seiten
2 Farbkarten, 1 s/w-Karte, 20 Farbfotos, 3 Farbgrafiken, 2 s/w-Grafiken, 3 Farbtabellen, 4 farbige Spektrogramme, 3 farbige Phrasenstrukturen, 1 farbige Sprachendarstellung, Index

Textsprache: Englisch


Michel Kenmogne: Dedication

Pius W. Akumbu: Introduction

Part 1 Descriptive Linguistics

Pius W. Akumbu: Noun class 9/10 tone in Central Ring Grassfields Bantu – An overview

Diana Archangeli / Douglas Pulleyblank: What is length compensating for? A surface-based account of NC lengthening

Esther P. Chie: Evidence for the existence of a phonological and an intonational domain in Babanki

Hugues Carlos Gueche Fotso: Multiverb constructions and the homorganic nasal in Ndaʔndaʔ

Guillaume Guitang: Personal pronoun encliticization in Masa

Larry M. Hyman: Lusoga noun phrase tonology

Roland Kießling: Salient features of the noun class system of Kung in a Ring perspective

Patrick Mve / Nelson C. Tschonghongei / Pierpaolo Di Carlo / Jeff Good: Cultural distinctiveness and linguistic esoterogeny – The case of the Fang language of Lower Fungom, Cameroon

Magdaline Bakume Nkongho: The semantic system of Proto Nyang noun classes

Ousmanou: Sound symbolism in gender and number distinction in Masa

Patricia Schneider-Zioga: On the licensing of nominals in Kinande

Keith Snider: Long and short vowels in Chumburung – An instrumental comparison

Emmanuel Tabah: Motivating metrical feet in Bezen

Part 2 Applied and Socio-linguistics

Melvice Asohsi: Shifts in the ethno-linguistic construction of personal names in Bafut and inherent grammatical peculiarities

Lydie Christelle Talla Makoudjou / Solange Mekamgoum: Exploring linguistic landscape as a teaching approach to language awareness in Cameroon’s secondary schools

Edmond Ossoko: Animism in Mmaala proverbs and idioms

Florence A. E. Tabe: Traditional religion in Manyu – Some sociolinguistic issues and relevance

James N. Tasah: Language attrition and loss of indigenous knowledge – The case of some Form Three and Terminal students of GHS Domayo and GBHS Maroua

Eunice Tita: A sociolinguistic analysis of Bali Nyonga magic lexis

Part 3 Socialization

Emmanuel Ngué Um: Achieving sustainable language preservation through economic empower­ment in endangered language settings in West Africa

Kilian Tameh / Lilian Lem Atanga: Discourse analysis of HIV/AIDS drug adherence counselling sessions in the Bamenda Regional Hospital

Philip Mutaka: Conveying the AIDS prevention message – A supplement to Wish I had known

Curriculum Vitae of Ngessimo M. Mutaka


Dieser und weitere Sammelbände unseres Programms widmen sich den Bantu- und Grasland-Bantusprachen Kameruns, ebenso die nachstehenden Grammatiken und Wörterbücher:

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