R. Vossen / W.H.G. Haacke (eds.): Lone Tree – Scholarship in the Service of the Koon – Essays in Memory of Anthony T Traill [PDF]


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458 Seiten
2 Farbfotos, 7 Genealogien, Stammbaummodell Click Elaboration in !Xoo, Comparative list of Cape Khoekhoe, !Ghora, Nama, Abb. Intervallmessung, Map of Researched Languages, Hukwe Comparative Wordlist, 24 Wave-Formen, 21 Spektrogramme

Textsprache: Englisch


Tim Couzens: A Tribute to Anthony T. Traill


Alan Barnard: Some Puzzles in !Xóõ Kinship Terminology

Hans den Besten†: What We Seem to Know About the Lexicon of Early Cape Dutch Pidgin (and always were afraid to question)

Megan Biesele: Language Development and Community Development in a San Community

Andy Chebanne: The !Xóõ-English-Setswana Trilingual Dictionary in Preparation – an Experience

G. Tucker Childs: Doing What (You Think) Is Right in the Field – Problematizing the Documentation of Endangered Languages

Didier Demolin / Anthony Traill / Gilles Sicard / Jean-Marie Hombert: Odour Terminology in !Xóõ

Edward D. Elderkin: Tonal Patterns in Khwe Verb Conjugation

Rosalie Finlayson / Sarah Slabbert: African Languages in the African Century – Extinction or Revival? Patterns, Trends and Strategies

Tom Güldemann: Phonological Regularities of Consonant Systems in Genetic Lineages of Khoisan

Wilfrid H.G. Haacke: From 17th Century Cape Khoekhoe to 20th Century !Gora and Namibian Khoekhoe

Henry Honken†: Gender Assignment Rules in Ju|’hoan and !Xóõ

Herrmann Jungraithmayr: Verb-Final Glottalisation, Tone and Passivity in Tangale

Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig: Naming Mathematical Concepts in Rumanyo, a Bantu Language of Northern Namibia

Christa König: Evidentials in !Xun

Hirosi Nakagawa: Khoisan Phonotactics – a Case Study from G/ui Khoekhoe

Christfried Naumann: The Phoneme Inventory of Taa (West !Xoon Dialect)

Hitomi Ono: A Comparison of Kinship Terminologies of West Kalahari Khoe – #Haba, Tshila, G/ui, G//ana, and Naro

Bonny Sands: Interpreting Hadza Data

Rainer Vossen: Reflections on J.H. Wilhelm’s “Hukwe” Wordlist

Edwin N. Wilmsen: Evidence for a Multi-Lingual Community in the Tsodilo Hills, Botswana (ca. CE 700-900)

Anthony Traill (1939-2007): List of Publications

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