Gesellschaft für afrikanisches Recht (Hrsg.): Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique 2011-1 [PDF]


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Textsprachen: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch

Inhaltsverzeichnis · Table of contents · Table de matières

Assefa Fiseha:
Some Reflections on the Role of the Judiciary in Ethiopia

Emmanuel Kam Yogo:
L’impact du droit international des droits de l’homme sur la Loi constitutionnelle came­rounaise du 18 janvier 1996

Samuelson Freddie Khunou:
Traditional Leadership – Politics and the Legal Parameters of the Independent Bantustans in South Africa

Albert Mandjack:
La notion de famille régnante dans le droit positif camerounais ou la tentation du contrôle total de la périphérie dans la désignation du chef traditionnel

Tilman Musch:
Discourses about the “Landlessness” of Former Nomads – Two Conflict Cases in Sadina (Western Niger)

Berichte · Reports · Rapports

Chi Augustine Muam:
Use of Cameroon Harmonised Criminal Procedure Code to Enforce Sectoral Environmental Laws

Regionalbeiträge · Regional contributions · Contributions régionaux

Oyekanmi Adewoye:
The Rule of Law and Good Governance in Africa – A Case Study of Nigeria

Tagungsberichte · Conference reports · Rapports de conférences

Lisa Nixdorf:
Formal/Informal Law and Economic Development in Africa – Report on the Joint Conference of the Institute of African Studies at the University of Leipzig and of the African Law Association in Leipzig, Germany

Ulrich Spellenberg:
Humboldt Kolleg – On Ubuntu, Humanity and Good Faith/Equity as Flexible Principles in Law and Society in Southern Africa – Appropriate Principles in an Ever-Changing World? North West University, Potchefstroom Campus, Südafrika, 1.–3. September 2010

Buchbesprechungen · Reviews · Compte-rendus de publications

Wolfgang Fikentscher:
Law and Anthropology. Outlines, Issues and Suggestions, München 2009 (Ulrike Wanitzek, Bayreuth)