Al-Amin Abu-Manga / Leoma Gilley / Anne Storch: Insights into Nilo-Saharan Language, History and Culture [PDF]


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Proceedings of the 9th Nilo-Saharan Linguistic Colloquium, Institute of African and Asian Studies, University of Khartoum, 16-19 February 2004

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420 pp.
11 maps, 13 graphs and diagrams, 88 tables, appendix

Text language: English



Suzan Alamin Mubarak:
An Initial Description of Laggori Noun Morphology and Noun Phrase

Adelino Amargira:
Derivational Forms and the Nature of Modifiers in Tennet

Abeer Bashir:
Morphophonemic Alternations in Jumjum Number Formation

Sergio Baldi:
Arabic Loanwords Entered in African Languages through Kanuri

Herman Bell:
Birgid Nubian – Recording a Nearly Extinct Language

Ali Obeid Birema:
The Deviation of the Nubian Language of Kadero into Sudanese Colloquial Arabic

Roger Blench:
The Kadu Languages and their Affiliation – Between Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo and Afro-Asiatic

Pascal Boyeldieu:
Reflexes of a Labiovelar Series in Central Sudanic

Rihab Yahia Dafalla:
A Phonological Comparison in the Katcha-Kadugli Language Group of the Nuba Mountains

Edward Hall:
The Tonal Behaviour of One Class of Singular-forming Nouns in the Kamda Language

Khaliifa Jabr el-Dar:
Towards a General Orthography of the Ajang Languages

Marcus Jaeger:
Discovering Linguistic Differences between Kenuzi and Dongolawi using Computational Linguistics and Lexicographical Methods

Angelika Jakobi:
The Loss of Syllable-Final Proto-Nubian Consonants

Nicky de Jong:
The Verbal Matrix in Didinga

James Lokuuda Kadanya:
Noun Derivation System in Toposa

Eileen Kilpatrick:
Pronoun Sets in the Moru-Ma’di Languages

Constance Kutsch-Lojenga:
The Role of Tone in Lendu Locatives

Richard A. Lobban:
Toward the Decipherment of Meroitic – The Case of the Kalabsha Inscription

Robert Guy McKee:
The Meegye Connective bhe as a Discourse Developmental Marker

Farid M.A. Mekkawi:
Comparisons of Nilotic Nubians and Kordofanian Nuba in Kinship Terms and other Cultural Components

Pierre Nougayrol:
Tones and Verb Classes in Bongo

Suleiman Norein Osman:
Phonology of the Zaghawa Language in Sudan

Eva Rothmaler:
The Structure of Place Names in Borno (Northern Nigeria)

Timothy M. Stirtz:
Possession of Alienable and Inalienable Nouns in Gaahmg

Anne Storch:
Aspect and Evidentiality in Luwo

Christine Waag:
The Marker -si in Fur


Richard A. Lobban:
Some Issues in the Darfur Conflict